My Bookmarks

In my course of learning, development of applications, solving issues, tools that are handy while coding. I found few nice articles which really gave me a good start for learning, a good documentation for development, saved lots of hours in problem solving. I am much glad that I found these references and would like to store them here as my bookmarks. Hope this might help you.

General SharePoint links – Problem specific:

  1. ListData.svc and Resource Throttling
  2. Limitations of SharePoint ListData.svc
  3. Solved: SharePoint 2013 custom workflow generates duplicate email notifications
  4. Duplicate Workflow Tasks created in same Workflow Instance

SharePoint 2013:

  1. Favorite SharePoint 2013 Articles – This is another blog I would like to store where the author has collected a very good references from different sources.
  2. Mann Software Blog
  3. SharePoint 2013 apps

Learn About ASP.NET MVC – One of the best resource to learn ASP.NET MVC is the Microsoft official site. It has got samples to get some dirty hands and videos if you are more flexible with video training apart from the complete documentation.

Online free tools that are really handy

  1. URL Decoder/Encoder
  2. jsFiddle
  3. Plunker
  4. Regexlib

Happy Coding!!!


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