Here is a custom script that I have written to validate a phone number. Hope this might help you 🙂

        function ValidatePhone() {
        var phoneRegExp = /^((\+)?[1-9]{1,2})?([-\s\.])?((\(\d{1,4}\))|\d{1,4})(([-\s\.])?[0-9]{1,12}){1,2}$/;
        var phoneVal = $("#txtPhone").val();
        var numbers = phoneVal.split("").length;
        if (10 <= numbers && numbers <= 20 && phoneRegExp.test(phoneVal)) {

The above function validates all kinds of generic international phone numbers, including that of the USA, may include () around area code as well as period, dash, space or nothing seperating numbers. International code needs to be seperated from rest by period, space or dash and my be prefixed with plus. Not overly restrictive but limits size and repetition of codes.

Phone number length should be minimum of 10 digits and maximum of 20 digits

Matches: 2155552527|(215) 555 2527|215.555.2527|+1 215-555-2527|+1.215.555.2527

Non-matches: +1215.555.2527|321654|+11+27 215-555-2527